Parents who hire me continue to play an important role in this process. However, the advantage of using my professional service is that I have used my resources, access and time to obtain a wealth of information about college admissions, the colleges themselves and the specifics of many majors. I streamline the process, encouraging and helping your student to complete tasks appropriately and on time. Additionally, it will help reduce the tension between you and your child—a great benefit during a stressful time.

No. I find that search engines are bulky and imprecise—their results are very broad and not always correct. You will have the benefit of my own research. It is time consuming, but it is at the heart of what I do- creating a personalized college search unique to your child’s circumstances.

Ideally, I would begin with students as high school freshman, so I am able to guide them to the most appropriate high school curriculum for their strengths and aspirations. Most families decide to hire a consultant in the sophomore or junior year. However, I can help students and families make good choices at any point during the college search and application process.

For families who have chosen the comprehensive package, we do not limit the number of meetings– we tailor the schedule to fit the needs and requirements of each individual student and family. I also encourage both parents and students to call, text or email me with questions as they arise. Excellent communication is crucial in this process!

For families who choose one of the smaller packages, there is a limit on the number of meetings.

I take a small number of students in each graduating class which enables me to work with each of them personally. I do not assign any of my students to assistants or other associates. Your student will receive the benefit of my professional experience and expertise and have my full attention.

I work with all types of students! My students range from those interested in music and art to those who plan to pursue degrees in engineering, nursing and biology as well as those who are undecided on their major. My individualized approach helps find the right fit for each student. I can introduce your student to a wide array of colleges and universities which will give your child a great academic experience and education.

I educate families about the different types of college scholarships– Need Based Financial Aid, Merit Scholarships and Athletic Scholarships—and how this fits with your student’s college planning.

Yes. I have worked with students who are unhappy in their present college, have changed their majors which required a change of school, and those who have needed to take a break and then restart.

Yes. I work with students applying for BS to RN, Graduate Programs in Nursing, Speech and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Law School.

No. Although I know many college admissions officers whom I call with questions and concerns, I do not use influence. Professional and ethical counselors and consultants will not imply or promise influence to have your student admitted.

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