University of Rochester

October 21-23, 2018: I spent three very busy days in Rochester,

Day 1:  Nazareth College:  Shortly after getting in town we were taken to see Nazareth College, the Nazz, a college that has been in “hyper growth” for the last 15 years. We heard from Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dianne Oliver about how “Liberal Arts is in our DNA”.

They offer: Academic Passion, the UnCommon Curriculum, Center for Life’s Work and Global Citizenship. Great health sciences- Nursing, OT and a combined BS/DPT as well as some more unusual majors like Music Therapy.

Nazareth College

Nazareth College







Day 2:

RIT: We toured the Rochester Institute of Technology which boasts an amazing, required Co-Op Program. All of their Engineering majors also have a corresponding “Engineering Tech” major. The university also offers majors in the health sciences. RIT is also the National Technical School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Many hearing students on campus have also learned sign langue- a great benefit to all!







RIT Formula One car







University of Rochester: This was my second tour of this university and it does not fail to impress. Really talented, smart and engaged students on a beautiful campus. They offer the “Take 5” and believe that “clusters” are a better way for students to get depth and breadth in a subject outside their major, rather than just an intro class in various disciplines.









University of Rochester









University of Rochester Eastman School of Music: This was a treat! Eastman is not on the main campus, but in downtown Rochester. Students can take their Humanities classes at Eastman or at the main, “River” campus. Wonderful facilities and impressive programs and students. And for the eyes- a gorgeous Chihuly Sculpture.














Day 3:

Our last stop was St. John Fischer College. They are a Catholic liberal arts college with some great health sciences programs. We toured the Wegmans School of Nursing which had amazing facilities…Yes, that Wegmans.