Ohio Wesleyan University

Janet Rosier was on “On the Road” in Ohio!

Great visit at Ohio Wesleyan University on Wednesday! We heard from President Rock Jones, Ph.D., administrators, faculty and students and had a great tour of the campus-including the dorms, an extensive tour of the Studio Arts Facilities and the Columbus Zoo brought some furry friends including this two-toed sloth. We heard an I-cubed Lecture—“Ideas, Insight, Imagination” lecture in three minutes—about algorithms and we had a student panel tell us about the OWU Connection. An informative and enjoyable visit!

Ohio Wesleyan University Science Building

Ohio Wesleyan University Science Building








Two-Toed Sloth at Ohio Wesleyan University

Two-Toed Sloth visiting Ohio Wesleyan University











Branch Rickey, the man who broke the color barrier in baseball by signing Jackie Robinson was on the Baseball Team and a coach at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Branch Rickey Plaque at Ohio Wesleyan University








Next Stop: The Ohio State University!

When a Buckeye yells “O-H” you respond “I-O”!
I had a great tour of the Ohio State University and an extended meeting with an Admissions Rep. whom I met a few years ago when she was here in Connecticut visiting high schools.

OSU has over 200 majors for students to choose from and their location in the state capitol creates an amazing number of opportunities for their students. OSU has a very large number of undergraduate students, but they know how to make a large college feel smaller!

The Ohio State University Academic Building

Academic Building on campus of The Ohio State University









The Ohio State University Stadium

The “Horseshoe” where the Buckeyes Play!