Janet Rosier’s book gives students heading off to college an idea of things they may encounter–a “heads up”.  Knowing what to expect and not being caught by surprise can make an important difference in how they perceive and react to situations.

Additionally, realizing that a lot of what they are going through is pretty common can also ease the stress and absolve them of feeling that they are the only ones having difficulty while everyone else is sailing through their first year.

The book also gives students insight into how to make the most of their time in college from Day 1!


Let Janet Rosier be your guide to success in college. She’s an informed guide: her years of college consulting give her a panoramic view of both students and the college experience. Besides, her insights are informed as a parent of college students. There are so many worthy suggestions and wise tidbits. Another impressive part of this volume is the inclusion of insightful and pithy sidebars with quotes from students and parents.

I respect Janet and learn, as you will, from her sage perspectives.

There is a moment when a family views the “You’re accepted to our college!” email that they celebrate the end of high school and the application season and rejoice that this anxiety-infused period is done.  Not surprisingly, scores of books have been written about how to gain acceptance.  Too few deal with “what’s next?” the central core of Janet Rosier’s wonderful and helpful book for students and families. From the practical to the emotional to the shocking this book provides a wonderful start to the next chapter in the family’s life, where the acceptance letter is not the end, but the beginning.  

It’s a great read for all, but particularly valuable to parents sending their first off to college.

Like any major life transition, there are many questions when a student goes off to college—Janet Rosier has answers. Not only has Janet worked with hundreds of young people, as the mother of three grown children of her own, she’s been in the trenches. She has also reached out to many students, some of whom she worked with through their application process, to ask them, “Now that you’ve been to college, what advice do you have for those on their way?”