College Admissions Services

Janet Rosier’s Educational Resources, Inc. will guide you through the entire college search and admissions process.
  • We begin with an in-depth interview of the student and an assessment of high school grades.
  • Together, we evaluate the remainder of courses to be taken in high school and discuss the importance of advanced placement courses and extra-curricular activities.
  • We plan which standardized tests to take and when to take them.
  • We discuss the role that extracurricular activities play in this process and your student’s goals.
  • We discuss scholarships- merit, need based and athletic.
  • I then begin the college search process to facilitate the best match between student and college, based on academic as well as social and emotional needs. This is a fluid process in which we add certain colleges to the list and remove others as the student becomes more familiar with college admissions and assumes ownership of their future.
  • Campus Visits: I prepare the student for campus visits and interviews, discussing how to make the most out of the campus visit and we practice interview skills.
  • Essays: I walk students through the crucial college essay. The essay has become progressively more important as colleges are deciding among the ever increasing numbers of applicants. We talk about which essays are good and why they are good and analyze those that are deficient. We discuss essay topics and which one would be best for each individual student. I walk the student through the essay and revision process until your student has an essay that best reflects their personality and strengths.
  • I advise students about letters of recommendation
  • I provide application assistance and review
  • I keep students on track with reminders about deadlines and tasks
  • I lower the anxiety and dispel misconceptions about the process so that families can make reasonable and informed decisions.