“As a first generation family sending our only child to college, we had so many worries and uncertainties. Janet Rosier helped us understand the application process, taking us carefully through every key step. Her guidance—especially on the college essays—was invaluable.”

-L.N. mother of J.L.

“Our child’s guidance counselor left school at the end of junior year, so having Janet to help us all navigate the process was a huge help and anxiety reliever. Janet was a pleasure to work with – most of all when our child – our first to apply – would freak out about some question we had no answer for. Rather than having to prowl the internet for guesses, we could just send them to Janet and have her parse classes to take, APs of less interest vs. a less highly ranked class of real interest, whether the choice of majors mattered. She pushed for finishing applications early; she fielded any questions we had; she met with our child whenever needed; and she found target schools we would never have thought of that matched our child well. She’s terrific at helping kids understand that it’s rough out there and they need to find a range of colleges they’d love to attend rather than set their hearts on a reach.  Ours never picked a firm first choice, and that contributed to real happiness at the end of the application process. Best of all, I think, was that our kid was willing and eager to work with her, talk to her, and trust her, so we didn’t have to have a lot of tense discussions where both parents and child were anxious and uncertain. She gave us a lot of confidence not in a given outcome, but in a good process working out in the end – which it did!”

Jenny, mother of student admitted to Yale University

“Janet was instrumental in my Doctor of Physical Therapy program application success. From preparing my materials to identifying programs and essay writing, Janet provided constructive and candid feedback. Janet helped me dig deeper and craft comprehensive and honest essays. I had (and have) absolute faith in her expertise and she did not lead me astray! In fact, her support and direction led to multiple DPT program acceptances, including Northwestern University, University of Minnesota, and Drexel University. I’m so grateful for Janet’s guidance throughout this process and can’t recommend her enough. Thank you for helping me reach this goal!”

– Hannah Porter

“There is no doubt in my mind that the college application process would have been vastly different without Janet’s help. Not only did she guide us to the colleges that were a good fit for my daughter–she loved every one we visited–she also helped her decide how to tackle the essays for each school. With Janet’s gentle but persistent prodding, the total process was done by Thanksgiving, leaving the whole family time to relax for the holidays. By Christmas we had wonderful news- my daughter had been accepted to Georgetown. This was followed by acceptances to Haverford, Tufts, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania.   I honestly don’t see how anyone can do this properly without expert help. I would hire her again in a minute.”

– LSS, mother of CA

“Janet Rosier helped me identify and apply to the colleges that were just right for me and I was accepted to all of them.  Janet gave me expert advice on my high school curriculum and I was able to apply to the major I wanted knowing I had exactly what they were looking for.  She patiently answered all of my questions and was always available when needed. Janet also helped me with my resume and campus interviews. When it came time for me to write my essay, I didn’t know where to begin.  She helped me choose a topic and find my voice so that my essay was a reflection of who I am. Finally, Janet encouraged me to apply to my dream school, which is where I am today.”
– Sharon S.

“The way I felt when I got the letter of acceptance to the Speech and Language Pathology Master’s program of my dreams was indescribable!” It was that climactic moment where my years of hard work in college, working in the field, and all the difficult steps required to simply apply to graduate school finally paid off. Though there were times that I felt overwhelmed and wanted to give up and choose a different career path, Janet kept reminding me that I could do it and I needed to try.

With her strong encouragement and knowledgeable background of the application process, as well as the schools themselves, I accomplished my goal and will be attending a university I didn’t think I would be accepted to, in a field that I almost gave up on. Janet continued to take my frantic phone calls and remained positive throughout this challenging process. I am grateful that I had her every step of the way to make everything a little bit easier and I could not be happier with the result. Just remember to never give up and stay positive!

– Caitlin Kinney

“Janet Rosier was the ideal buffer between me and my son as he navigated the daunting college application process. Her guidance and gentle prodding not only insured that his essay and myriad paperwork was submitted on time, but also helped to reduce the tension and stress associated with this rite of passage. ”
– Pam Feinberg, mother of Eric

“Janet- I just said last night to my wife that you are a genius!!! I had my doubts about the guitar essay, but we trusted you to know what was right. Two colleges both included a handwritten note with the admission letter saying how they loved it! Thank you!”
– L.F, father of J.F.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Janet Rosier’s help with applying to Physical Therapy graduate programs. Janet helped me build a resume, edit supplemental essays, prepare for the interview process, come up with a list of graduate programs that were right for me, and so much more. Her endless guidance and helpful advice has given me the opportunity to go to my top choice school. Not only was Janet an amazing admissions consultant but she was also one of my biggest supporters throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Janet to anyone looking for help with applying into graduate programs.
Gea Mitas

“On a friend’s recommendation, I went to Janet for help with my son’s college application process. Thank goodness I did! Janet’s help was above and beyond what I expected. At the start of the process, Janet was concerned about some of the details of his academic history. She suggested that he be evaluated to better understand his academic functioning and to determine if there was a need for any accommodations to ensure success in his remaining high school career and in college. It turned out that he did have some weaknesses that were impacting his academic performance and the evaluation allowed us to secure some accommodations that helped him academically and gave him greater confidence in his abilities.  The whole process was much less stressful and easier with Janet’s help. She was always available for my son or myself whether it was by a visit to her office, by phone or email. She was able to draw out my son’s interests and help with his essay in a way that I’m sure neither his father nor I would have been able to do. I don’t even want to think about what the process would have been like without Janet’s expertise and advice. Thank you, Janet. We are forever grateful.”

– L.K., mother of T.S.

“Janet was the key towards making a very stressful situation manageable. Her advice was always on target and her calm voice of reason helped us navigate the myriad scores, test results and deadlines. She was right on target with her college selections, and her ability to guide our child through the essay process was remarkable.  We owe much of the success of our child achieving his first choice to Janet.  We could not have done it without her.”
– K.F.

“We feel so fortunate to have connected with you to help Jesse navigate his way through the college application maze.  Thank you for sharing your astute insights into the selection and application process, for your generosity of time and patience during the interview series and generally for your intelligent thoughtfulness all along our journey.   Jesse was thrilled to be accepted at Penn, Johns Hopkins, Washington University in St. Louis, Vanderbilt, and is presently “rushing” frats and starting his first day of classes at MIT.  Thanks, Janet.  You’re the best!”

– Myrna Kirkpatrick, mother of Jesse

Additional Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Janet Rosier for the wonderful experience my family had working with her.

Janet was one of a few Educational Consultants we interviewed to help my son find his next college.  He had just received his Associates Degree in General Studies, but had no idea what he wanted to do next.

Our first meeting with Janet lasted almost two hours and we knew immediately that she was the Certified Educational Planner we wanted to work with.  She recognized that our schedule was tight, but that choosing the right school where my son could be happy and flourish was most important.  So she got to work right away.

She met a few more times with my son, in person and over the phone, and a few more times with our family, all in a very short period of time.  Janet learned who my son is, what his needs are, and what colleges would best meet these needs.

Thanks to Janet’s vast knowledge of the many colleges she has visited around the country, her tenacity learning about others that she has not visited but felt could possibly be a “good fit” for my son, and her deeply personal interest in his well-being, my son is starting college as a Junior this Fall in one of the schools on her recommended list.

We couldn’t have done this without her.  Thanks, Janet.

Your child only gets one opportunity to consider their next step after high school.  It is an exciting and stressful time.  It is an important decision that will shape them for years to come.  We did not want to leave that to chance and was not only impressed with Janet’s experience, but we felt comfortable entrusting her with the process.  Janet helped us with the application, the essay and school selection.  She got to know our children’s personalities and provided unique insights for each school.  The best testimonial for any business is repeat customers.  After she helped our daughter get into her first choice school, we engaged her again for our son.  He got into every school he applied to and we highly recommend Janet to anyone that wants to give their child the best chance and have a positive experience.

Janet’s expertise provided her with the ability to communicate beautifully with my daughter.  She was patient and kind, while maintaining high standards.  She kept my daughter focused and grounded throughout the entire college application process, from guidance on choosing classes throughout high school, to advice on colleges to consider and then the actual application process itself.  My daughter was accepted Early Decision to her first choice school and Janet’s advice and guidance played a big role in that success.  Janet taught my daughter a lifelong skill:  how to best present your true self.

Janet was extremely helpful during the college application process. Basically, we had no stress at all during the whole process.  With Janet’s advice, we as parents didn’t need to be too involved. All we needed was to pay for the application fees!  My son just needed to call or e-mail Janet for any questions he had, like college selections, etc.  Janet always finds suggestions or answers.  She always provides the detailed facts of each college, and leaves the decisions for the kids to make of which colleges kids should apply. She even prepares kids well in for the interview process. She finds time to have mock interviews for the kids before they go in for the real interviews. Janet knows what the colleges want, so that she often makes suggestions in regards to course selections. More importantly, Janet walks the student through the essays and makes thoughtful suggestions for the kids to rethink what to write, if they need to.  We were so grateful to have her involved in the process.  Janet is truly an expert!

I had a lot of questions about the college process, and Janet answered every single one of these questions and made the process much less complicated. She suggested colleges to put on my list, helped me understand Common App, prepared me for interviews, and looked over the many essays I wrote for all my applications. Janet was always there for me. Whether over the phone or over email, she supported me through any difficulties I had and reduced my stress over any aspect of the college process. I was accepted into several top schools, and I really credit Janet for giving me the motivation and guidance to achieve this. I cannot thank her enough because she was truly such a great help during this experience.

What would we do without Janet?  Go insane.  Janet has gotten us through this horrible college admissions process flawlessly. Janet made the entire process fun and actually painless.  Janet knew what Claire wanted and pointed her in the right direction from the beginning and stayed with her, pointing her in the right direction every step of the way. Thank you, Janet for being our life saver.

We were so grateful to Janet Rosier for her terrific help in navigating the college process. Her approach is to help students explore all their options and find the best FIT for them. She is highly knowledgeable about many schools and she has great expertise with the all the different aspects of the college application process.

Janet was always positive and encouraging and listened to what our son had to say.  She made herself very available to my husband and I, and to my son. Throughout the entire process, she offered unflagging support to each of us.  Janet Rosier is extremely well organized and thorough, which we really appreciated.  She kept everyone aware of and on our timelines.  Having a teenager applying to college can be a stressful and anxiety-provoking experience – thank you Janet for guiding us, giving the tools to our son to get into the school of his choice and for making the process a lot of fun!

Both my wife and I are very glad of having your help during the college selection process, although Alex’s school already provides first class college counseling. The advantages are that we can contact you at any time for any reason during this long process, which significantly reduced the stress we would have otherwise.  Interestingly, your advice was very consistent with the advice Alex got from his school. This advice helped him make up of his mind, and choose the school we believe is best for him.

Thank you very much for all your wonderful assistance in my son’s college application process.  Your suggestions and advice were so helpful. As you know we have no clear idea about the college application process and the requirements for colleges in the United States. You helped our son Tommy’s SAT test arrangement, list of colleges, campus visits, application essay preparation, interview strategy, and so on.  Everything went smoothly and timely with your assistance. We can not imagine how difficult it is for us to do this work by ourselves without your help. You know so well the whole process of college application and which colleges the students should apply to, according to their interests, GPA, SAT scores, and extracurricular activities.  You were always available whenever we had any questions and when we wanted to meet you to discuss some issues. We are so happy to have you as Tommy’s college application advisor. Tommy is very happy to know he was accepted by NYU, his dream college. We truly appreciate all of your help and wish your diligent assistance will benefit more and more high school students.

The college application process is tenuous balancing act of doing the right things at the right time. The truth is, high school guidance counselors are much too overloaded, having to manage too many students to offer the individualized attention one may seek. We were glad to have Janet by our side as our private guide. She made sure we were on track with school visits and that our son, David, was up to date with the required standardized testing and his college essays. Most importantly, Janet exposed us to a number of terrific schools that we were not previously aware of. Janet offers a wonderful service, one we would recommend to anyone going though the college application process.

1.  Analogy:
Twelfth grade is to a trek through the Himalayas as Janet Rosier is to an incredibly helpful and encouraging Sherpa guide
2.  Fill in the Blank:
Our daughter Abbie always felt comfortable to call Janet with any questions.  Janet was always available – giving as much time as needed.
3.  Essay:
Dear Janet,
Thank you for all your wonderful assistance during the past year.  Your suggestions and guidance were helpful in so many ways.  You helped Abbie target the schools that were right for her.  Your suggestions for campus visits made those visits even more worthwhile, and you were always there if we had questions.  The 12th grade year can be overwhelming.  Working with you kept it fun! 
Most sincerely, Rebecca and Art Strichman

We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and expertise in helping us find the perfect colleges for our children.  As our son and daughter were approaching their junior and senior years in high school, we heard from friends how stressful and demanding the college selection process was for both the student and parents.   Just thinking about it was overwhelming and the cause of many sleepless nights.  With your skill, patience and guidance, both of our children are happily settled into and thriving at their top choice schools.   You were always available to help with their essays, answer their concerns and provide an encouraging word.  You made the entire process less stressful for our family and for that we are grateful.

First, and most important, everything you said was right (and you can quote me on that).

The most valuable part of working with Janet was her insight in helping us develop a list of schools to apply to.  We probably would have never come up with a list of schools which resulted in such a high acceptance rate for our daughter.

With Janet’s help, my daughter has gotten into her dream school: NYU. Janet played a pivotal role in my daughter’s college application process.   College application is a unique process rife with stresses, augmented by its uncertainty and prolonged by its complexity. In addition, many things conspire to make the process worse and long. Adding to the stress is the inherent uncertainty of the outcome, despite all the time, efforts and money, in an increasingly competitive world. The entire college application process is truly a huge daunting family project. I know some families toiled in Thanksgiving, during Christmas and well up to the New Year’s Eve to work on college applications. Janet did a lot to make this difficult family project as easy as possible. She provided us with a menu of different school choices, based on her assessment of our daughter’s school portfolio, future interest and personality. Janet reviewed each application, provided critiques on essays, and answered our questions. She also worked as a mediator to communicate and reconcile the varying interests of our daughter and us as parents. Janet kept us informed of the recent development in school application and sent us reminders of dates of exams, campus visit, etc. We were able to finish all college applications before mid-December so that the whole family went happily on a vacation during Christmas. My daughter was also accepted to Wellesley College, Boston University, and U Conn’s Honor’s Program with a scholarship.

The college admission process is often a stressful time for the applicant and his or her family. Janet Rosier brought a thoughtful and realistic prospective to the process which and not about our expectations.  By using Janet’s services, our son had an experienced adult who was dedicated to finding the right match for him. Her input and insightful suggestions were on target with his learning style and experience. She kept him on track with deadlines and wasn’t judgmental.  Ultimately, Drew’s process was very positive. He was admitted to his 1st choice school and Janet was one of the 1st to be informed. On regret we have is that we didn’t introduce her into the process at a much earlier point.

Janet—thank you for guiding Maddie on her college journey. She is so excited to be going to Wake Forest – her dream university! Your advice on everything from class choices to the application essays made this daunting process manageable. She was even able to walk into her admissions interview confident and relaxed after her practice session with you. My wife Jody and I were especially impressed by how responsive you were to everyone’s questions and concerns