Why Use Janet Rosier’s Educational Resources?

College Admissions Consulting and Mortar Boards

I opened Janet Rosier’s Educational Resources, Inc. in 2003 as a boutique Educational Consulting office. I work with a small number of students and guide each of them personally through their individual college search and application experience. I do not assign them to assistants or other associates.

Admissions, especially for college, has become an extremely competitive and stressful pursuit for families. More students are applying to a growing number of colleges every year, while the acceptance rates of colleges are going down. Students feel pressure from many sources and are confused about where and how to begin to narrow down their choices from the more than 2000 four-year colleges and universities in the US.

In addition to becoming more competitive, applying to college has also become more complicated.  Where there was once only one way to apply to college, now there are many: Early Decision, Early Action, Restricted Early Action, Single Choice Early Action, Priority, Regular Decision and Rolling, each with their own deadlines, requirements and rules.

The most important factor in a successful admissions experience is having an appropriate list of colleges — ones that are a good fit academically as well as socially and emotionally. As an experienced advisor, I have reviewed hundreds of high school transcripts and can determine which colleges are a “reach” and which ones are a “target” for your child. I then craft a list of colleges tailored to your student’s individual needs using my own research, never relying on search engines. I direct students through key steps along the way giving them information on what to look for on campus visits as well as preparing them for interviews.  Based on your student’s college list, I will advise which standardized tests to take and when to take them and discuss high school curricula. Additionally, I will guide your student through the myriad essays that many colleges require and review the applications.

My goal is to lower the stress and assist the student and family to make informed decisions throughout the process. The best result is finding a college where your child will get an excellent education, enjoy the experience, and be prepared for the next step into adulthood.

According to a study by Lipman-Hearne, 26% of high achieving seniors used an independent educational consultant in their college search and application process.