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Janet Rosier has written her blog, “Next Stop: College” for the Hearst newspapers in Connecticut, online editions, since 2010.

Janet covers news and trends in education and admissions, specifically, what is happening in “College World”– standardized testing, new majors, changes in admissions rules and requirements as well as helpful information and advice for students and parents.

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First Time Back Home for College Freshmen

This week, college freshmen will arrive home for a four day– or even longer –Thanksgiving break. For many, this will be the first time they have been home for an extended visit since


Crazy Weather, Natural Disasters, Balky Applications and College Deadlines!

November 1 is a big deadline for students to submit college applications. This is when most of the binding “Early Decision” applications are due. It is also a big day for many Early Action deadlines. For the last ten years

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2017 College Applications Online

The Common Application, after a short recess, is back online today, August 1. Each year, the Common App goes offline for a short time in July to get ready for the next admissions cycle, usually with a few changes/improvements. This year’s changes include

Yale University

Disgraced Yale Dean Leaves her Job

This is a stark reminder that your social media is not private and that you will be judged by what you post.From the Yale Daily News, “Dean of Pierson College June Chu has left her position, head of Pierson College Stephen Davis announced in a Tuesday morning email to Pierson students.”

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Test Answer Sheet
test answer sheet

Getting Extra Time on SAT Easier

The College Board— owner of such tests as the PSAT, SAT, Subject Tests and AP exams—recently announced that the process for students who request accommodations, like extended time, will be easier

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Free College Tuition

Hardly a day goes by without some story in the media pointing out the high cost of college, soaring student debt and questioning its Return on Investment. As a college admissions consultant, I have had a version
Columbia University in New York City

Ivy League and Competitive Colleges Deny More Applications in the Early Round

Another College Admissions Cycle is in full swing and it is time for the colleges to report that Early Applications have gone up and the acceptances rates have gone down!
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College Application Letters of Recommendation

High school students applying to colleges need letters of recommendation to accompany their applications. Although some colleges only require a letter from the guidance counselor and a very few do not read
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College Campus Visits

How Important is it to Tour a Campus? Touring a college campus is very important. Many colleges are keeping track of “demonstrated interest” and touring their campus is certainly a good way for
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College Application Season Begins–Beware Simplistic Advice

I read articles every day – both in print and online—about education in general and all things college related and many of these give advice: best ways to save and pay for college, which majors are